Own Water Fountain on the Breierhof farm, Zell in Zillertal

Water vitalises

In Zillertal we are surrounded by water – sparkling springs, fountains, gurgling waterfalls, creeks and of course the river “Ziller” who gives the name to the valley. Water is mandatory for human beings as well as for nature and therefore it is the most important basis of existence.

Even more essential is pure drinking water which here in Tyrol is taken for granted like air.

In addition to that we can offer another extra on the Breierhof farm in Zillertal valley. Our own fountain provides us with this pure and clean elixir, enough for the whole farm. Hereby, we ensure a superior quality of drinking water which you can taste yourself. Nothing can satisfy your thirst better than clear, original pure mountain water. All you need to do is to open the tap and you will enjoy spring water which vitalises body and soul so easily. In our everyday routines we sometimes forget to drink enough water and this can lead to negative effects on your health. We are not aware that we can quickly balance our energy level by feeding the body with the most important basic food, namely “water”. Here at the Breierhof farm you can experience the vitalising effect of spring water for yourself and you will see how simple a wellness effect can be achieved by feeding the body with this precious food.

Relaxation and wellbeing can easily be improved when you take a “time out” from the daily routine and make sure to  drink enough of our mountain water. You will most certainly benefit from this vitalising energy resource - even when your holiday on the Breierhof farm is over.

Golf Course Uderns in Zillertal Valley, Tyrol

Another Highlight of Zillertal Valley: the new Golf Course in Uderns

A further highlight in Zillertal valley will be the golf course in Udern. Construction work on site is already in full swing. All golfers will be delighted by the first golf resort in Zillertal with a total area of 65 hectare. The golf course offers view to the Zillertaler mountain world, versified design with 18-hole championship golf course, a large driving range with covered tee box and a short drive area, golf school as well as club house with restaurant located directly at a lake.

A special of the new golf resort in Uderns is the golf school Zillertal. Modern golf lessons tailor-made for all levels of golfing skills will be offered by PGA golf pros. No matter whether beginner or passionate golfer, they all get their money’s worth.

Construction work will not be finished before April 2014. However, the golf school Zillertal and the driving range are already open since May 2013.

Zwergerl Club - Childcare while you are skiing

You want to ski, but your children are still too small to go with you or go to ski school? No problem. In the Zillertal you can drop off your child directly at the mountain station and have it looked after in the Zwergerl Club. The Zwergerlclub is available in the following ski areas:

1. Guest kindergarden in the top mountain station Hochzillertal (Kaltenbach).

Tel. +43 5283 28745

Opening times:
from December until the season ending daily from 9.00 until 16.00 Uhr


  • jede angefangene Stunde: EUR 6,00 (bis 3 Std., ab 3 Std. wird der Halbtagestarif verrechnet)
  • Lunch: EUR 4,00
  • 1/2 day from 9.00 – 13.00 excl. lunch: EUR 21,00 or
  • 1/2 day from 12.00 – 16.00 excl. lunch: EUR 21,00
  • 1 day 9.00 – 16.00 incl. lunch: EUR 31,00
  • each consecutive day: EUR 28,00

Drinks and child-friendly biscuits are included in the price!


1 day before child care at the Zwergerl Club until 16.00 (Tel. +43 5283 28745) or at the tourist office in Fügen until 18.00 (Tel. +43 5288 62262)


2. Arena Kid's Club with Billy (Gerlos)

Tel.: +43/5284/5630 or +43/664/1826755

Opening times
Sunday - Friday from 9.00 Uhr until 15.30
Closed on Saturdays!


  without lunchtime care with lunchtime care
1 hour € 15,00 -
1 day € 30,00 € 37,00
2 days € 40,00 € 47,00
3 days € 75,00 € 89,00
4 days € 130,00 € 158,00
5 days € 155,00 € 190,00
6 days € 175,00 € 217,00

 For more information and bookings: Alpin - Michi's Ski School,

Tel.: +43/5284/5630 or +43/664/1826755, www.michis-schischule.com; e-mail: michi@michis-schischule.com

"Zirbe" Stone Pine, a natural product from the Zillertal

Our forests are full of it and sometimes we don't even appreciate its value: the natural product wood. But we bring it into our houses as furniture, as interior decoration or as essential oil. Among all the different types of wood, the Tyrolean stone pine is really special. The "Queen of the Alps" as people call her, she lives up to her name and you can find her on your hiking tours through the Zillertal valley, shortly below the forest limit. Our grandparents already appreciated the pleasant effect of the stone pine and profited from it. Tyrolean "Zirbenstuben" (living rooms laid out with stone pine wood) have lost none of their popularity from the old times until now. Babies have always been bedded in cradles made of stone pine wood. The stone pine's positive effect has also scientifically been tested and in fact its constitutional value has been proven: in a bed made of stone pine wood your heart rate siows down which consequently improves the quality of your sleep.The bioactive power of the stone pine does not only provide peace of mind and  regenerative sleep, it also has an antibacterial effect. People of the Zillertal valley are weil aware of it and do appreciate all the values of the "Queen of the Alps" as basis for many natural products.

tl_files/breierhof/Artikel Bilder/Sommer/die-zirbe.jpg tl_files/breierhof/Artikel Bilder/Sommer/zirbenholz.jpg