Leisure Time in Zillertal Valley, Tyrol

Fun and action in the Zillertal valley - for a heavenly family holiday.

The Zillertal Arena's various possibilities for leisure activity will thrill a child's heart !

Spruce Tree Castle in Zell am Ziller

Come and explore a magic realm of discovery – on the Rosenalm in Zell am Ziller.           

Every childhood is a time of wonder and enchantment. In the Spruce Tree Castle children and their families, together with the little Spruce Sprites, can discover that magic again.
A long, long time ago the busy little Spruce Sprites came to the Rosenalm pastures and set to work to create a grand castle and grounds for the Prince and his wife, who planned to come and live in the mountains.

Guests, both children and ‘kids at heart’, can now enjoy a world of fun and adventure clambering on the climbing tower, sliding down the tower chute and ‘working’ in the crane tower. The breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains is best enjoyed from the 18 metre-high viewing tower. In addition to a vast water-play area and an adventure playground, budding little builders can carry on the work of the Spruce Sprites in the builders’ hut and crane. There are also numerous idyllic spots in which to rest, relax and unwind, making a summer holiday in the Zillertal Arena even more enjoyable!


The new toboggan fun in Zillertal valley
Directly in Zell am Ziller, at the base station of the Zillertal Arena

The LATEST toboggan fun in Zillertal valley is not only for kids: fun, action and high speed is what you will find on the first alpine roller coaster in Zillertal valley. The coaster fun is 1.450 meters long, starts directly in Zell am Ziller at the base station of the Zillertal Arena and looks set to becoming a summer and winter attraction with numerous waves, ground loops and jumps. A 360° spinner will pump up additional adrenaline.

Children older than 10 years are allowed to ride all alone. Children minimum 4 years are allowed to ride only if accompanied by an elder person (over 16 years old) !

Suggestions for Trips and Tours

The Zillertal valley offers endless leisure possibilities for you to plan an unforgettable holiday.

  • Zillertal Arena
  • City of Innsbruck
  • Schlegeis retaining lake
  • Lake Rheintal
  • Zillertal interactive alpine dairy
  • Zillergrund retaining lake
  • Krimmler waterfalls
  • Durlassboden retaining lake
  • Interactive park Hexenwasser
  • Arena Coaster
  • Adventure gold mine Zell in Zillertal valley
  • Spannagel cave
  • Crystal worlds in Wattens
  • Stillup valley
  • Zillertal Höhenstrasse (high mountain road)
  • Observatory in Königsleiten

Swimming Pools

Enjoy just doing nothing during your holidays and spend a day in one of our beautiful swimming pools.

Hang-Gliding and Paragliding

Hang-Gliding and Paragliding has a long tradition in the Zillertal and is well known an practiced thing. If you are looking for the ultimate thrill in the air and a perfect view then we have several operator and schools for you. Furhtermore we have experiences by ourselfes.

Let us know if you are interested!

Zillertal's Interactive Alpine Haymilk Dairy

You will find in only here with us in the Zillertal valley

How do you produce Zillertal Grey Cheese ? How do you wrap butter in paper and how does milk get in a box ? You will learn it all at Zillertal’s interactive Alpine Haymilk Dairy which is located only 15 minutes away from our farm by car. In a factory made of glass you can witness the manufacturing process of the Zillertal valley's delicacies. Our cows from the Breierhof farm also supply fresh and pure haymilk every day to the Interactive Alpine Dairy.

And why do we call our milk “haymilk” ? Because our cows devour hay, juicy grass and fresh mountain herbs only. In summer they stay on our alp which is located 1800 meters above sea level. This is pure nature !

Of course you order Zillertal's fresh haymilk, butter and homemade yoghurts every day on our farm.

Simply “guat” ! The Breierhof farm


Cheese with Music

Freom June to October, every Friday the Zillertal Interactive Alpine Haymilk Dairy organises unforgettable afternoons with live music. Acts like the famous Zillertaler Hadelumpen, the Zellberg Buam, the Ursprung Buam, the Grubertaler and Marc Pircher perform live on stage, create party atmosphere and will make you feel like dancing.