Apartments on our farm / Zell in Zillertal Valley *****

Barbara and Andreas Fankhauser


The ski area Zillertal Arena - Zell in Zillertal valley, Tyrol, stands for unforgettable winter holidays.

Our apartments are traditional, typical and unique and are built for merely one purpose - your wellbeing.

The Breierhof farm welcomes you to your winter, summer, family, hiking and activity holidays.

You will have unique holidays on our farm and we even have a playground on site for your children.


Farm holidays of a very special kind.
Simply "guat" (great). The Breierhof farm.

Clear. Pure. Tasteful. How can one describe the smell of our fresh mountain air? It is beyond words. But medically proven it is said to be so "guat" for your wellbeing. Find your way to our farm and discover for yourself how relaxing holidays on a mountain can be. Enjoy freedom to the fullest and an awesome panoramic view of the Zillertal valley. Our apartments have plenty of room for everybody to wind down. Listen to the gurgling sound of the creek and discover that life is "guat". When it comes to relaxing you can rely on our full support...

The great outdoors combined with the supreme energy of the mountains will make you feel safe and protected. A simple stone can give you so much energy, so please feel free at any time to collect stones further up the creek. You will find real special ones there. In need of more energy? The farmers wife knows how to do it: she spends time in the great outdoors, gets all the energy she needs to feel good and consequently her family benefits from it. Of course you can do it, too. We promise: once you are here on our farm, you will have the best time of the year. With every second and every breath you take, you get away from all the stress and just leave it behind. The fresh mountain air will clear your head and hence make room for new ideas. In front of this gorgeous scenery we welcome you to the Breierhof farm in the Zillertal valley.

Have yourself unforgettable holidays on the Breierhof farm - we can't wait to see you.

Warmest regards,

The Fankhauser Family


The Breierhof during Summer

The Breierhof during Winter

In Harmony with nature

Convinced that farm holidays are something very special, we enjoy living here with our animals and we do respect their needs. Life is so precious. Our cows, ponies and various small animals find best conditions in their new free range stall on our farm: they have plenty of room, regular brush massages, fresh air and water from our own fountain. Should, however, one of our animals not feel well, it will get homeopathic medical treatment.

Relaxing? Sure, with our animals. We go for rides with our ponies. "Lucky", our dog, joins us whenever we go Nordic walking in the forest to stock up on energy and strength.

In summer.

Zell im Zillertal Panorama Blick vom Breierhof  Trinkwassequelle am Bauernhof im Zillertal  Wanderung Zell im Zillertal zum Ahornspitz

And in winter.

Apartment Ferienhaus Zell im Zillertal  Skifahren Skigebiet Zillertal Arena  Abfahrt Kristallhütte Hochzillertal

Farm holidays on the Breierhof farm with our animals.

Try our "guat" Zillertal hay milk products - they will make you feel good

Simply "guat". We are absolutely convinced that our original hay milk products are extraordinary. All summer long, our cows stay on our alp and devour best grass and mountain herbs only. Hay milk products are rich, natural and above all they are healthy. Try them on the Breierhof farm and have breakfast on our sunny patio with homemade yoghurt, fresh Zillertal hay milk, a slice of home baked bread fresh from the oven spread with homemade butter, with freshly picked herbs from our garden for a fragrant herbal tea or homemade elderberry juice mixed with water from our own fountain. Feel the power of nature!

Upon request you will find our products at the doorstep of your holiday apartment. Have a good start of the day here with us in the Zillertal valley.

Holidays on the Breierhof farm, discover something real special, simply "guat".

Bergkräuter im Zillertal Echter Urlaub am Bauernhof Wohlfühlen im Zillertal

On our farm, we have our own fountain which provides enough drinking water for the whole Breierhof farm. Water is life! Experience the refreshing and healthy effect water has on both your body and soul. You will notice how much softer your skin and how silky your hair get as soon as you use our water for your daily care.

Let the children be farmers! Dear kids, you are more than welcome to help out on our farm. And with the children being busy, nothing will stand in the way of a relaxing family holiday. Get inspired by the richness and variety of the countrylife and its numerous possibilities for leisure activities.

Pony riding on the Breierhof farm is the highlight for childen.

Our farm house is the perfect starting point for hiking tours, mountain biking, paragliding, hang gliding and ski tours. A bycicle track leads you through the whole Zillertal valley.

You can also discover the Zillertal valley on board of the traditional railway, the "Zillertalbahn".

The Zillertal Arena also provides a summer toboggan run, the "Arena Coaster" - great fun for the whole family!