Breierhof for all Senses - Barfuss Gleichgewichtsweg

Barfuss Gleichgewichtsweg is a path you walk barefoot in order to balance your equilibrium

Recently, more and more people are confident enough to enjoy walking their paths barefooted. And they do it for different reasons. For some people it is pure fun, for others it is a way to find themselves or simply a way back to nature. Standing out of the crowd on one hand, sensational experience and health reasons on the other side.

Walking barefoot is fun!

With every step the "barefooter" experiences a variety of sensations which are hidden for those who only walk with their shoes on. Cool, soft grass, warm sand, cuddly moss, tree bark with massaging effect, damp earth, rustling leaves and all the above with the temperatures, sounds and smells of every season. Our feet have tiny nerve endings with reflex connections to the individual organs and body areas. Walking on a various grounds is the simplest way to massage the foot reflex zones.

And your feet will appreciate it ...

Hiking Area - Zillertal Arena

Zell, Gerlos, Königsleiten/Wald and Krimml - in summer these 4 regions offer a hiking paradise of superior class. A network of trailss, not less than 400 kilometers long provides the Zillertal Arena, also called "Hiking Arena". Rosenalm, Kreuzjoch, Isskogel and wild Krimml are beautiful hiking resorts which by the way still belong to the green grass hills of the Kitzbühel Alps. The tributary valleys Schwarzachtal, Wimmertal, Schönachtal, Wildgerlostal, Krummbachtal and Krimml Achental are equally special areas. In each of these valleys hikers will find cosy restaurants in alp cabins within less than one hour walking distance.

Hiking along the Zillertaler Höhenstraße

Our Zillertaler Höhenstraße was built at the beginning of the 60s and originally served farmers for simpler management of pastures and torrent control to the numerous floods in this area to master.
Soon the fantastic panoramic view from the street spoke of the Zillertal Alps around, and so they opened in the late 60s, the easy dirt road for guests. Since the opening of Hirschbichlalm in 1973, the music played a major role in the revitalization of the road.
Was it first the Zellberg Duo with Doris, so today convey the Zillertal Haderlumpen and the Zellberg Buam the wonderful combination of music and mountain scenery.

And most of all the Zillertaler Höhenstraße is very applicable to go for a hike starting directly at the Breierhof.

Use this link for a hike map

Alp Cabin Highlights - Kristallhütte and Wedelhütte

As guests of the Breierhof you will enjoy the special luxury to have one of the most exclusive and world famous mountain huts of the Zillertal valley within walking distance. Enjoy a nice hiking tour in summer or a ski tour in winter starting from the Breierhof farm, along the Zillertal mountain road up to the Kaltenbach ski area.

Treat yourself on 2147 meters above sea level to a breathtaking scenary - "feel" the mythos mountain, the moment and the life.

Whether relaxing in bright sunshine on a reserved deck chair covered with lamb fur, in a water bed or a jacuzzi, or during a storm cuddled up in front of a crackling fireplace with a glass of red wine, just enjoy the time away from all the hustle of everyday life.

Don't miss this unique experience !